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Physical Therapy in Valley Stream

With over 5,000 registered physical therapists, assistants, and students registered with the NYPTA in New York, patients have a lot of options. In villages such as Valley Stream, there is a high demand for the many services a physical therapist provides because physical therapy can save you time and money.  Hospital bills in New York [...]

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The benefits of our wellness program

Let’s face it: most work in New York is entirely sedentary. The state apparently is fueled by paperwork and emails leaving us with little time and incentive to improve our own physical health. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day, but forgetting about your physical health could lead to anything from fatigue to organ [...]

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Noticing pain when working out? See how physical therapy can help.

Feeling pain while working out can be very demotivating and stressful because not only is the physical pain tough to deal with, but not being able to exercise and stay healthy is a stressful long-term prospect.The best thing to do if you are experiencing pain while working out is to see a physical therapist. At [...]

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Body Conditioning for Football

With football season around the corner, many athletes will be in training camp trying to get ready. Conditioning for the season is extremely important in order to perform the way you want. A pre-season training program is exactly what you need in order to get your body to the proper conditioning that you’ll need for [...]

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Preventing Posture Issues

Having good posture is something that is very overlooked in this day and age and should definitely be given a lot more attention. When you have bad posture, it can affect a lot of other areas of your life and cause a lot more health problems than you should have. This is why preventing issues [...]

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Back Injuries and Physical Therapy

Your back is used in nearly every activity you do. After all, there is a reason for the saying “lift with your legs, not your back.” The back is beautifully constructed, consisting of approximately seventy-seven muscles that work in unison to allow you to move about as freely as you do. Playing sports or doing [...]

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Making healthy choices during Summer BBQ Season

It is no surprise that your body reflects what you eat. This is why it is so important for your physical and mental health that you eat and drink well. When you limit yourself to junk food, you are not giving your body the proper nutrients or energy it needs to make it through the [...]

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Lower back pain? Advance Physical Therapy can help.

Suffering from lower back pain? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is a very common condition and the causes amongst individuals tends to vary greatly, but that does not mean you should have suffer with pain. Advance Physical Therapy offers a variety of services targeting lower back pain and we understand the importance of developing [...]

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Physical Therapy for people 70+

As people age, exercise and rehabilitation becomes even more important. It is important for people in the age bracket of 70 years and older to do their best to maintain their strength because of how much it can help them in everyday life. The benefits of physical therapy are countless and will make your quality [...]

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