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Arthritis during the summer months – How to feel your best.

Arthritis can be very painful and uncomfortable. With the heat of the summer upon us, having arthritis can make it difficult to get outside and do the fun activities you love. If you struggle with arthritis and want to hinder its’ side effects as much as possible so that you can enjoy the summer months [...]

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How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps can occur for many reasons at many different times. Cramps are caused by involuntary and forcibly contracted muscles that do not relax, and surprisingly, they do not always happen when working out. Different measures can be put into place to care for and reduce the chances of getting muscle cramps. Our arm and [...]

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July is National Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

The term Juvenile Arthritis is not a specific disease, as it actually is an umbrella term for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions or pediatric rheumatic diseases that develop in people who are under the age of 16. Juvenile arthritis affects approximately 300,000 children across the United States. Arthritis tends to be chronic and there is no [...]

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Looking to get active this Summer? The benefits of a fitness evaluation prior to starting.

In the summer, many people begin to get more active than they usually are all year. Whether they are inspired by the beautiful weather or they are motivated to maintain their beach body, the desire to getting active is important is the first step. Prior to beginning any sort of fitness program, having a fitness [...]

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The importance of Physical Therapy for recovering stroke patients.

When blood flow to a certain area of the brain is cut off, cells begin to die and cannot carry out their normal functions, resulting in a stroke. This leads to a lack of memory, poor muscle control on one side of the body, and a loss of speech and vision. Strokes can happen to [...]

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Warning signs you are overexerting yourself when working out.

Working out is a very important facet of life however making sure that you are taking the proper precautions while exercising, is also just as important. This is why being able to recognize the warning signs of overheating while working out is something everyone should know. Overheating while working out can lead to serious complications [...]

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Are you putting yourself at risk for Lyme Disease?

With summer around the corner and all the time you’ll be spending being active outdoors you may be asking yourself are you putting yourself at risk for Lyme disease? This question can be answered by the risk factors associated with Lyme disease and how the disease is acquired. The northeastern United States including New York has [...]

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May is national fitness and sports month

Being that May is national fitness and sports month, it is important that people taking part in exercising and sports are aware of the precautions that should be made to stay safe and injury-free. Physical therapy is one effective way to stay fit through sports and exercise without damaging your body. Physical activity is great [...]

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