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May is World Stroke Awareness Month

    Worldwide, many health аnd heart organizations соmе tоgеthеr in order tо rаiѕе awareness оn what causes а stroke, the side-effects from surviving a stroke, and what treatment options are available for the survivor. Being that May is the month for stroke awareness, we at Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria feel it is very [...]

Workplace Injury Prevention

Injuries in the workplace can have a number of different causes, depending on the job you are doing. Those who work in a job where lifting and moving heavy items are a part of the daily routine are unfortunately more susceptible to workplace injuries such as strains and sprains. With that being said, staying in [...]

Physical Therapy in Astoria

PT in Astoria The underlying objective of physical therapy is the restoration/maintenance of movement and full ranges of motion in the human body. Physical therapists can be used to recover from an injury, recover after a surgical procedure, or simply improve movement capabilities. Conditions treated by Astoria physical therapists range from cystic fibrosis and carpal [...]

K-Laser Therapy for Bell’s Palsy in Astoria

Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which muscles on one side of your face become weak or paralyzed. Bell’s Palsy can only occur on one side of your face at a time and gives off a droopy or stiff look. When it comes to treating Bell’s Palsy, K-Laser is highly recommended in order to see [...]

Physical Therapy for Femur Fractures

If you are reading this because you have fractured your femur.  We here at Advance Physical Therapy with locations on Long Island and in Astoria, we urge you to remember the seriousness of the situation. Being that the femur is the hardest bone in the human body, there are very few explanations for its fracturing. [...]

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