Winter Arthritis

Is your arthritis acting up again? There’s a good chance that it’s due to the weather.  Affecting more than 50 million Americans, arthritis is a painful condition that seemingly gets worse during the winter months. And surprisingly enough, it’s actually the change in barometric pressure, and not the frigid temperatures, that some doctors think is [...]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Prepare You For Ski and Snowboarding Season

Winter can be an especially dangerous time of the year if you don’t exercise with caution in such harsh temperatures. Let’s also not forget how important it is to exercise according to your individual fitness level in order to reduce the risk of injury. Advance PT provides physical therapy on Long Island with services such [...]

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Falling in Winter

Ever take a nasty fall after trying to navigate around a huge pile of snow? Or slip on a piece of invisible black ice on the sidewalk? If you’re like the majority of us, you unfortunately probably have. Resulting in injuries that range from abrasions, lacerations, broken bones, and concussions, falling during the winter months [...]

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Eating Healthy Post Holiday Season

With the holiday season now behind us, it’s important to get back on track and maintain a  healthy/balanced diet going into 2018.  And here at Advance Physical Therapy, one of the best physical therapists in Queens, we want to assist you with this transition.   Here some friendly tips to start eating healthy again! Post-Holiday [...]

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Physical Therapy Near Babylon

Winter Blues The days are shorter and the weather outside is cold. That means winter is here and with winter comes winter pains. Most people have shoveled snow and if you have not well you are one of the lucky ones. Shoveling snow can put a strain on your back, shoulders, and chest. 11,500 people [...]

Winter Sports Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year, winter is coming! Winter recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating are very popular during this time of the year.  It is important to know the safest ways to enjoy these activities to prevent any injuries from happening. Advance Physical Therapy in Queens and Long Island, deals [...]

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The Importance of Balance

  The Basics of Balance We spend most of our lives trying to balance many things whether it be our checkbook, time management, or even or diet. But the most important thing we need is the physical balance, and as we age it is key to have balance to keep doing the things we love [...]

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November Was American Diabetes Month

  Get Involved November was American Diabetes Month and now is the time to make a difference. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. If it is not controlled it can lead to problems like blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, and other health problems. For those who do [...]

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Post-Operative Rehab

Often times when an orthopedic patient has been operated on, they need rehabilitation in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent future injuries in the area that has been operated on. Because physical therapy (PT) implements exercise and conditioning into its programs, PT as part of the rehabilitation process can be extremely beneficial [...]

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Physical Therapy in Queens

Why Choose Physical Therapy Staring all the way back in 1914 after World War I physical therapy was used to help rehabilitate soldiers coming back from the war. Today, physical therapy has taken on many different specialties by helping those who are injured or in pain get back to feeling right. With the goal to [...]