Healthy habits have been on the rise more and more over the past years. This new year is no exception, people are taking their health and fitness to a whole new level. Some people may chose to take their workouts more seriously and follow the hottest trends. While others will want to focus more on what they are putting in their bodies first. People are focusing less on calories and more on nutrient dense foods.

Fitness experts are working hard at getting more people involved in being active in their daily lives. The do-anywhere workouts are becoming increasingly more popular. There are so many videos on Youtube and Instagram of different exercises that anyone can do without a gym. This is eliminating the excuses for the busiest people not being able to exercise. The hottest trend in these workouts is high intensity interval training (HIIT). These are a series of exercises to raise your heart rate quickly and slow it down, and repeat for a certain amount of time. This causes you to burn calories more efficiently than what jogging for 20 minutes might do. Another type of exercise that is still popular is yoga. Any fitness guru encourages doing yoga at least once a week for anyone. It improves your strength and flexibility. This will decrease your chances of injury during your other workouts in the week. It improves your mind and breathing techniques as well.

Health nuts are going crazy over all the new super nutritious food options there are now. Making famous dishes substituted with healthier ingredients is even more popular this year. People want to enjoy things they love, but not feel guilty about it. Cauliflower is going to become a superfood when making dishes, because it can be roasted, sauteed, pureed and used to replace as a great substitute to starches and such. Organic dairy, grain-free, and healthy fats will become an important part to peoples diets this year. Cooking with spiralized vegetables and herbs will be in every cookbook this year.

People are focusing on how to prevent illnesses instead of just trying to lose weight for the time being. Stress-fighting, cancer preventing foods are going to be on many peoples grocery lists this year. As well as, their daily workouts and yoga. Look out 2015 people are making positive changes in their health this year!

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