It’s that time of the year, winter is coming! Winter recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating are very popular during this time of the year.  It is important to know the safest ways to enjoy these activities to prevent any injuries from happening. Advance Physical Therapy in Queens and Long Island, deals with many common winter sports-related injuries during this time of year. We want to advise you of some safety tips for winter sports that can prevent them from occurring.

Here are the Safety Tips.  

Some common winter injuries include broken bones, ACL related injuries, pulled muscles, or ligament tears and many others.  Advance Physical therapy in Queens and Long Island advises you to learn how to properly and safely participate in these winter sports so you can enjoy the winter with minimal injuries. Each winter sport is a little different thus require individualized safety tips of their own:

  •     Sledding and Snow Tubing:

o   Use a sled with a steering mechanism to avoid collisions.

o   Never slide down a hill with your head first.  Sitting up facing forwards allows you to be able to steer. Risks of head and back injuries are more likely to occur while lying down on the sled.

  •      Skiing and Snowboarding:

o   Before skiing or snowboarding, warm up your muscles. Take the time to warm up the muscles through whole body dynamic stretches with a focus on the abdominal region and hamstrings.  

o   Use equipment that properly fits you. Wearing equipment that does not fit can cause greater injuries, for example, wearing larger ski boots gives you less control of your skis.

  •      General Winter Sports Safety:

o   Always wear properly fitted protective gear to prevent any possible injuries.

o   Wear warm fitting clothes and dress in layers. This will keep your muscles warm, preventing the potential for muscle tears.

Here at Advance Physical Therapy in Queens and Long Island, we hope you take note of these helpful safety tips to enjoy your winter sports activities. Our physical therapy facility offers sports rehabilitation for sports-related injuries. We have many treatment options for the severity and particularities of your injury. We hope you enjoy your winter and stay safe!