Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

Working out is a very important facet of life however making sure that you are taking the proper precautions while exercising, is also just as important. This is why being able to recognize the warning signs of overheating while working out is something everyone should know. Overheating while working out can lead to serious complications like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Overheating while working out often stems from being outside in hot temperatures or if the facility you are in is not properly ventilated. Over time, the body’s natural cooling mechanisms may begin to fail when exposed to high temperatures for too long. You may begin to feel weakness, headache, nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps, and loss of appetite; which are all some of the most common warning signs of overheating. If you begin to feel any of these you should take certain precautions. By being proactive with these warning signs you will avoid further complications. One of the first things we recommend is to stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after your workouts. Also you should avoid working out in hot environments such as the outdoors during the peak sunlight hours of 10am – 2pm or during extreme weather such as a heatwave. During those times, moving your workout indoors or to the early morning or early evening is your safest bet. Also, take breaks as needed! You may feel like you are losing the intensity of your workout by taking frequent breaks but it is much better than overheating during your workout routine. If you were to suffer some type of heat illness because of overheating all the possible benefits of that workout may be nullified due to having to recuperate from the illness.

Overall don’t let the threat of overheating stop you from getting your workout in because it is something that you can be in control of. If you take the right precautions and make sure you are smart about your workout routine then you should have no problem enjoying your exercise indoors or outdoors.