The winter can be a dreaded season for people with arthritis as the change in temperature can noticeably affect their joints. This may sound like an old wives’ tale to people without arthritis, but research has shown that a change in the barometric pressure is enough to trigger pain in the joints of affected people. Although weather affects people differently, it is still useful to follow some tips in order to ensure an enjoyable winter season without worrying about being in pain.

It is important to keep as warm as possible first and foremost! Wearing layers of clothing, warming up your car before using it, and keeping your living space warm should be your top priorities for someone with joint pain.

It is also important to stay as active as possible. Exercising the affected joints before going out into the cold weather will help keep you loose and comfortable. In general, exercising during the winter can also prevent typical winter weight gain and aid in maintaining a healthy, active routine throughout the season and beyond. It should also be noted that exercising indoors is the best option in the wintereven walking around a mall can be beneficial!

Along with regular exercise to keep the joints loosened during the winter, it is just as important to drink water and stay hydrated. Drinking water can help in staying active and help in lessening joint pain sensitivity.

While making healthier choices and wearing warmer clothes are crucial in reducing joint pain, it should also be noted that shoes with treads should be worn to avoid slippery walkways and to prevent further injury from occurring.

By following these helpful tips, people with arthritis and joint pain will be able to enjoy the winter weather instead of dreading the pain that comes with it.

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