Are you struggling with back pain and think medication is best answer? Think again. Physical therapy is known to treat back pain in the most effective and safe way. Here at Advance Physical Therapy, we consider back pain as one of our many specialties. With locations in Valley Stream, Wantagh, Astoria, and Lindenhurst, we are all over Long Island to help patients return to a pain-free life.

There are many ways to improve back pain. While most people might immediately turn to medication, there are more effective ways available. A physical therapist will work with you through many techniques to ease your pain. A professional will typically approach treatment with two forms of physical therapy: passive and active. The passive route incorporates the use of heat/ice packs. The active path will have the patient performing specific exercises, stretching techniques, and healthy posture habits. In most cases, the physical therapist will eventually educate the patient on how to safely alleviate the pain from home.

Passive physical therapy will help reduce the pain to a more manageable level. One modality your physical therapist might do with patients is heat and cold therapy. Both have benefits that will stimulate the healing process.  Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, and slow down nerve impulses. Heat therapy will stimulate blood flow and inhibit the pain messages being sent to the brain. This is usually accomplished by applying cold or hot packs on the affected area of the back.

Your physical therapist will also give you the exercises essential for curing your back pain. Our team here at Advance Physical Therapy believes that activity is the best medicine for pain and will work with each individual patient to find the most accommodating exercises. Strengthening your core with provided exercises will certainly help when combined with simple aerobic exercises such as walking, and riding a bike. Stretching, flexibility exercises, and training on how to properly lift and bend will also contribute to relief.

At Advance Physical Therapy, we will ensure you with the safest and effective ways to put you on track to a pain-free back. We work closely with each patient to evaluate his or her individual needs. Avance PT will also provide the knowledge on how to take better care of your back and properly perform daily tasks to reduce the risk of straining it. As opposed to pain-killers, physical therapy is the way to go if you want the most natural, effective way to treat back pain. If you are suffering from back issues, you can contact any one of our four convenient locations, each with a dedicated staff eager to lead you to that pain-free lifestyle you’ve been wanting.