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Knee pain is never something to scoff at, and Advance Physical Therapy knows how important your joint mobility is to your daily life. Whether you are an active athlete or lead a less active lifestyle, knee pain interferes with even the simplest of daily tasks. Advance Physical Therapy of Astoria, Wantagh, Lindenhurst, and Valley Stream is experienced with a wide variety of joint pain conditions including Patellofemoral Pain.

Patellofemoral Pain defines pain felt at the front of the kneecap, in and around its placement. Tenderness along the edges of the patella is a common side effect, causing intense discomfort with the bending of the knee in a variety of mobile activities and prolonged sedentary positions. While this condition has the potential to afflict any type patient, it is most commonly seen in young adults, athletes, older adults, and laborers. The syndrome stems from overuse of the knee, encompassing injury, excess weight, improper alignment, and knee cap changes. These root causes characterize conditions of excessive stress that inflict wear and tear of cartilage underneath the kneecap, instigating grinding and popping of the connecting bones.

Understanding how pain is caused and behaves is pertinent to your treatment plan because you have the essential role in your recovery decisions, and your behavior either helps or worsens your relief. Being the receiver of pain, your first responsibility is to do something as soon as you begin to feel discomfort. At Advance Physical Therapy of  Astoria, Wantagh, Lindenhurst, and Valley Stream, we have a experience and tools necessary to thoroughly evaluate and diagnose your pain and design a personalized rehabilitation program for your activity needs. Strength exercises and extended stretching will aid your quick and proper recovery, while your therapist can also prescribe pain medication and home self-care steps.

Advance Physical Therapy has experienced expertise with patients of varied circumstances in addressing knee pain. Our therapists work from their patients’ needs and wants in their recovery plan, with their comfortability being the therapist’s focus. We want to help you restore optimal comfort and mobility to your active lifestyle! If you live in or near either Astoria, Lindenhurst, Wantagh, or Valley Stream, contact Advance Physical therapy today!