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Safe Senior Workouts

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY As we get older it is important to continue to exercise and stay healthy, so hopefully we can be around a little while longer. By exercising regularly, you can help prevent diabetes, heart disease and reduce pain that could be related to arthritis. Seniors who exercise and improve their balance, [...]

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How PT can help your golf game

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Whether you are a weekly golfer or maybe just someone who goes out a couple of times a year, the more in shape you are, the better you will play and the less likely you will be injured. Golf is played from the Spring all the way through the Fall, [...]

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Spring Sports: Stying Active and Healthy

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Winter is finally over, and that means the spring sports season is underway! Spring is one of the most popular sports seasons, and is also a time when many non-athletes decide they want to trim the winter fat off and get active again. There are many ways for athletes and [...]

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Suffering from Lower Back Pain? We Can Help!

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Lower back pain is a common complaint from people of all ages, and physical therapy can be a great alternative to treating lower back pain without the need of surgery or pain medication. Physical therapy can also be effective, and in most times a requirement, for pre and post surgical [...]

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Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, Queens

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Advance Physical Therapy has locations across Long Island in both Suffolk and Nassau as well as in Queens. We believe that every patient deserves “one-on-one” treatment which has made their practice a first choice among many. We offer, among other things at their Queens location, aquatic therapy, wellness, “aftercare” programs, [...]

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Medicine Not Controlling Pain? Come See a Physical Therapist!

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Those living with chronic pain may be treated for their pain by being prescribed medication to address the issue from different angles. Nerve pain, and the nervous system as a whole, can be calmed and treated by taking certain medications as well as injecting certain anesthetics or steroids into injured [...]

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What Is Prehab?

Prehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. After an incident of trauma, for example, a car accident, a stroke, or a fall, one needs to undergo some form of rehabilitation. Prehab is the opposite as it is a form of rehabilitation but not as a result of trauma, focusing instead on the [...]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Joint Pain

We must keep our health and wellness in an absolute positive state if we wish to be productive and live an independent life. The joints help support your body and joint pain can negatively impact your daily life in a number of ways as simple tasks can become a hassle and you may even limit [...]

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Physical Therapy for Pinched Nerves

When bones, cartilage, muscles, or tendons apply too much pressure to a surrounded nerve, a pinched nerve can occur. The resulting feeling from the disrupted pressure can include pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness. Carpal tunnel syndrome is actually caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist that leads to numbness and pain in the hand [...]

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McKenzie Therapy on Long Island, New York

If you have ever experienced lower back, neck, or leg pain, this subject should interest you. The McKenzie Method is a form of physical therapy with active patient involvement as it helps determine the treatment they will receive. The goal of the McKenzie method (also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) is to centralize pain [...]

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