How Can I Avoid Sports Injuries?

With the warm weather approaching, children are outside playing and joining sports teams. This can be a scary time for parents, worrying about their child getting injured. Sometimes there’s just no way to prevent an injury, but at a sports rehab in Buffalo, we have some tips. 

Common Sports Riskssports rehab in buffalo

Many children stress the idea of winning. No matter how well they play in a game, winning is all that matters. This has a large impact on why the number of sports injuries occur. Sports that require a large amount of contact face the most amount of injuries. Children who have taken a break from sports for a while and are jumping back in are more prone to sports injuries, so they should be mindful of that. Some common injuries that occur are:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Fractures

Reducing the Risk of Injury 

If you speak to a professional at a sports rehab in Buffalo, they will have a few tips on how to avoid sports injuries. The following are the top tips:

  • Take time off/ rest: Making sure your body gets the rest it needs will allow your risk for injury to decrease tremendously. Having off at least one day a week is suggested for athletes. 
  • Strengthening muscles: Practicing conditioning exercises reduces injuries.
  • Wearing the right gear: Wearing helmets, mouthguards, protective pads, face coverings, etc. is the most effective way to remain injury-free
  • Don’t push through pain: If you feel you are in pain and have hurt a part of your body, do not keep playing. Take a break and allow our body to heal properly. 
  • Drink fluids: Always drink plenty of water/ fluids before any game, exercise, or practice

Sports Rehab in Buffalo

As stated before, there is no way to possibly avoid all sports injuries, but there are plenty of ways to try and do so. Following the tips given above will reduce your risk of getting injured during a sports game astronomically. Our team of professionals at Advance Physical Therapy wants you to be safe out on the field. If you, unfortunately, do get hurt, we will be here to help. Give us a call today to find out other ways you can avoid sports injuries!