lou blogTis’ the season for taking and booking trips; and for many with sore or stiff backs this change in routine may be cause for dread. Taking a vacation typically means long car rides and flights in uncomfortable seats as well as probable exposure to less than ideal sleeping situations. To avoid back pains in these situations, here are some tips and things to consider so you can enjoy your trip and feel your best.

The easiest way to avoid back pain during long periods of travel, as well as in hotels or guest bedrooms, is to bring a small pillow, rolled towel or blanket and place it at the small of your back. Doing so will maintain the natural curves of your back, providing for better posture. It is also important to remember that keeping your head up and shoulders back is essential for good posture, it also promotes fuller breathing and increased circulation.

There is also the cure-all remedy of exercise, even if you’re away trying to relax its important to maintain some kind of physical activity to promote overall health and avoid back pain. If you’re somewhere warm take a nice walk on the beach during sunrise or sunset; a swim in the pool can also help back pain by allowing for flexibility and resistance which strengthens the muscles.

If a certain activity or lack of activity causes back fatigue an over the counter medication can help with temporary relief. Cold and warm compresses can also be sources for relief, but rest is essential. If laying down causes discomfort keep your knees elevated and provide increased lower back support with a pillow or towel. Remember that exercise and good posture are key!