The crisp autumn weather is in full swing, and many athletes find themselves in the midst of a rigorous sports season. While playing sports is associated with several health benefits, there is also a higher risk of injury. At Advance Physical Therapy, we understand how frustrating it can be to get sidelined by a preventable injury. Our team is here to help you learn to avoid sports injuries and help you achieve improved athletic performance. Continue reading to discover more information about how you can remain injury-free this fall. 

Avoiding Fall Sports Injuries

Sports injuries aren’t particular in who they affect. Patients of all ages and activity levels can experience an injury. Several high-intensity sports take place during the fall, including football, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, and soccer. The last thing you want is an injury taking you away from what you love. Taking the necessary injury prevention measures can help you avoid preventable injuries and allow you to continue working towards your goals. Here are some fall injury prevention tips from our team here at Advance Physical Therapy:

  • Warm-up – Preparing your body to move by performing dynamic warm-ups can help prevent many sports injuries. Playing with cold muscles can lead to tears. 
  • Cross-train – When you cross-train different parts of your body, your body can help you respond to pressure and handle strains. 
  • Rest – Every athlete should rest between practices and events. Muscle fatigue and poor sleep predispose athletes to unfortunate overuse injuries. Give yourself ample time to recuperate before the next game. 
  • Proper technique – Proper body mechanics and techniques should be reinforced throughout the season. Our team can help you improve your form and increase your athletic output. 
  • Healthy diet – As an athlete, you need to be fueling your body with a well-balanced diet and maintain a regular eating schedule. Our team can help you with dietary planning. 
  • Proper equipment – Make sure you are wearing your protective gear to avoid injuries. 

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Here at Advance Physical Therapy, we want to help you stay healthy and injury-free this fall. While sports injuries can be an intimidating concern, our physical therapy services, and sports rehabilitation can help you gain a successful recovery more efficiently. To learn more about how you can avoid sports injuries this fall, contact our team today.