The chilly winter weather brings ice, snow, and the possibility of slips and falls. Icy patches are everywhere during the winter months, and while a slip and fall may not seem like a big deal, you could end up with more than just an injury to your self-esteem. At Advance Physical Therapy, we offer balance therapy to help patients prepare for the treacherous winter weather ahead and avoid falls. Continue reading to discover how balance therapy can help prevent slips and falls this winter. 


Balance Therapy For Winter Slips And Falls

Falling at any age carries the risk of twisting your back, breaking your wrist or foot, or more severe injuries like breaking a hip. Unfortunately, this risk increases as we age. A fall could indicate that something is throwing off your balance, and you could be dealing with a vestibular disorder. Falls and vestibular disorders often lead to decreased mobility and accelerate other health complications. Our team at Advance Physical Therapy offers balance and fall prevention for patients to keep them on their feet all year round. Here are some of the ways balance therapy can help you avoid slips and falls this winter:

  • Balance therapy teaches the importance of body awareness. 
  • Patients utilize therapeutic exercises to promote flexibility and strength in weight-bearing areas. 
  • Patients can experience increased coordination. 
  • Balance therapy helps improve joint strength and stability. 

Our primary goal with balance therapy is to keep our patients healthy and independent. Taking an unexpected tumble on the ice can negatively impact your mobility due to a new fear of falling or an injury as a result of the fall. If you fall, make sure to seek treatment immediately, even if you do not feel hurt. Don’t let the fear of winter weather keep you inside all season. Our team will help you prepare for the chilly months ahead. 


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Whether you are preparing for the winter or you’ve fallen in the past, you can benefit from the balance and fall prevention programs at Advance Physical Therapy. Our team will carefully assess your balance and develop a treatment plan to improve your stability and prevent future falls. Be sure to contact us today for more information about balance therapy or to request an appointment!