Falling injuries are very common in senior citizens. Sometimes they are not harmful, but more times than not, they lead to a trip to the doctor or worse, the emergency room. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve balance as a senior citizen, whether it be how to prevent a fall, or make it so you were never going to fall in the first place.

Falls can sometimes be caused by a lack of, or reduced eyesight. It can also be caused by the legs becoming weak, a change in posture, longer reaction times, and lightheadedness which can be caused by low blood pressure. It is important to remember to keep weight over your ankles. To further prevent falls, do not make any sudden changes in position, as you don’t know what you could bump into. As far as balance goes, it is very important to remember to practice. One way to do this is by balancing on one leg while holding on to a table or chair, and then slowly reducing how much you’re holding on. Do this for as long as you can. Another method to improve balance is by holding the thumb out in front of your face, and moving it as far left and right as possible, following with your eyes.

Physical Therapists can help improve balance as well. Experts at Advance Physical Therapy can provide you with the best balance training available. It is best to see a Physical Therapist as early as possible, as the longer you go without therapy, the longer that you are at risk for a fall and an injury. Come schedule an appointment today!


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