Back pain can be debilitating, and the constant suffering can be difficult to live with. Physical therapy is a method of treatment involving exercise and movement to relieve chronic pains. At Advance Physical Therapy, we have a facility for low back pain physical therapy that is more than capable of treating any type of back pain. Read below to learn more about how physical therapy can help treat your back pain.

What is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a method of treatment involving passive and active techniques. Passive techniques are anything that involves the therapist giving treatment without any need for the patient to do anything. Active techniques are the opposite, requiring the patient to move around or participate in attempting to move. Physical therapy treats various injuries, including rehab after surgery, but is primarily utilized to help with chronic and acute pains.

Physical Therapy Techniques

Physical therapy can treat back pain, and techniques were created to assist in reducing chronic back pain. Listed below are a few techniques that may be used to help you:

  • Exercise – The most common and effective treatment is to exercise and use the injured muscles. This may sound counterintuitive, but oftentimes muscles hurt due to atrophy, meaning it has lost enough muscle that it may be difficult to use and potentially painful. For the muscles that hold the spine, this can result in mild to severe pain, depending on how much those muscles have decayed. Exercise can slowly rebuild and strengthen the muscle alleviating the pain and potentially allowing even greater flexibility once treatment is complete.
  • Hydrotherapy – Similar to exercise, this involves strengthening the muscles by actively utilizing them. The main difference is that hydrotherapy involves water, such as a swimming pool, to reduce stress on the spine. The buoyancy water provides can also help reduce pain while utilizing your joints.
  • Traction – A technique that involves stretching out a body part to apply force to damaged tissues in the area and guide the bones back into their correct placement. Typically used on neck and spinal injuries, stretching out the spine helps reduce any unwanted curves and makes sure it’s straight. It also stimulates the muscles surrounding the spine, which reduces the effects of stiff or constricting muscles.
  • Joint Mobilization – This method of treatment is done by firmly and carefully moving joints in the desired direction. It is done primarily for limbs; however, a similar method is used on spines where the doctor will push on the spine in certain ways to reduce curving and stimulate blood flow to muscles nearby.

There are many other physical therapy techniques, such as TENS or dry needling, but these are the ones relevant to spinal relief. If you’re suffering from chronic or acute spinal pain, consider visiting our low back pain physical therapy in Wantagh.

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