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Physical Therapy and Migraine Headaches

Many people think of physical therapy as something you do to recover from an injury. However, there are other benefits to it as well, one of which is the relief it can bring to those suffering from migraines. Migraines can be extremely painful and make life seem unbearable, but there is a way to help. [...]

Benefits of Balance Therapy

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY   Balance is usually not something people think about every day and is often taken for granted. Poor balance can make everyday activities harder to accomplish and could cause pain while doing it. If your balance is compromised, you may feel symptoms of unsteadiness, dizziness, blurred vision, or even faintness. [...]

Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Back And Reduce Pain

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY In any given day, the average individual goes through a considerable amount of activity. Whether it involves the commute to work or the extracurricular sports or activities that follow, you can easily ѕее whу it'ѕ estimated thаt оvеr 80% of the world’s population will ѕuffеr frоm back pain. Although back [...]

Physical Therapist in Lindenhurst

Are you looking for a physical therapist in Lindenhurst? At Advance Physical Therapy of Lindenhurst, our motto has always been “fast, effective treatment--one patient at a time”. We understand why you, the members of our community, might be hesitant to believe that claim, given the number of patients we treat, and the individualized nature of your [...]

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