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Importance of Post-Surgical Rehab

Post Surgical Rehab Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY After a surgical procedure, it’s easy to want to get right back into your normal routine. Although in reality, it’s not that easy; you’re going to need rehabilitation after your surgery to gain back strength. When visiting a physical therapist after surgery, we can help you take [...]

Rehab After A Knee Replacement

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY Knee replacement surgery is performed on people who have severe knee damage. This surgery can help relieve pain normally caused by osteoarthritis. Knee replacement surgery helps people become more active since many people who receive this surgery have problems walking, climbing stairs, and even getting in and out of chairs. [...]

Post-Operative Rehab

Often times when an orthopedic patient has been operated on, they need rehabilitation in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent future injuries in the area that has been operated on. Because physical therapy (PT) implements exercise and conditioning into its programs, PT as part of the rehabilitation process can be extremely beneficial [...]

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Post Surgical Rehab in Lindenhurst

If you or a loved one have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery and are resisting rehabilitation, suffer no more. Rehabilitation is an extremely important step in your complete recovery from replacement surgery. In order to return to your normal life post-surgery, you have to rebuild the muscles surrounding the new joint. During the first [...]

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