When you’re doing the same activity repeatedly, your body is sure to feel some strain. Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY knows that you want to get out to the driving range or the golf course every day, but sometimes it may become necessary to slow down and see the signs of a sports-related injury. Many injuries affect golfers around the world, so read on and learn about the most common golfing injuries, how to avoid them, and how physical therapy can help.

Golfing Injuries

Back Injury

Every time you golf, you are standing in a bent position for several hours of the day.  You are also constantly twisting and exerting your back muscles with every swing. If you have back issues or injuries after participating in golfing activities, it’s possible that your form may not be right. 

Our physical therapy in Astoria, NY recommends that you exercise caution when generating your momentum by shifting your hips or failing to transfer weight from your back foot to your front, as incorrect weight shifts can cause strain on your middle and lower back. 

Shoulder Injury:

The repetitive motion of swinging your club is something that you hardly think about, instead opting to focus on form, power, and direction. However, that motion can be causing a lot of strain on your shoulder if your swing technique is not well-formed. This constant movement causes soreness and inflammation in your shoulder, and if you were to hit something during your swing (like a rock or the ground), you could even cause a tear. 

Rotator Cuff injuries are exceedingly common in golfers, and the shoulder pain that follows it can be debilitating. Along with the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), our physical therapy in Astoria, NY will be immensely helpful to retrain your shoulder to swing the right way. 


Tendinitis is the inflammation or irritation of your tendons caused by repetitive use. Similar to the shoulder injury, the issue for golfers is that the tendons that cause these injuries are used for every swing. The wrist and elbow are the most commonly affected areas, with it being so frequent in golfing that it’s even called “Golfers Elbow”. Sports rehabilitation will be the best bet for tendinitis, as our physical therapy in Astoria, NY know that a balance between healing time and retraining is key to recovery, even for an invisible injury such as this.

Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

Our experienced team at Advance Physical Therapy is here to help you recover from your golf-related injuries.  Don’t let injuries stop you from making it out to the links this Summer! Be sure to follow preventative measures to stop yourself from getting injured before it happens.  If you feel as if you are beginning to get injured, don’t hesitate to contact our physical therapy in Astoria, NY at Advance Physical Therapy! 

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