It is not supernatural to wish to look younger and live longer. There are many different remedies that claim to make you appear younger and lengthen your lifespan, but there is a much more simple and proven way to do so. Exercising regularly is proven to expand your lifespan, while also making you appear younger, keeping you in shape, and providing you with a healthy routine.

It is recommended that adults do at least 150 minutes of medium to intense exercise per week. This sounds like a lot of time spent, but if you break it down into five smaller sessions, with a couple rest days per week, it comes out to only 30 minutes a day. This can be accomplished by going for a morning jog, or taking a trip to the gym on your way home from work.

You don’t have to start with a huge number or goal. If you plan on running or biking, take it slow, and build up to a final goal for a mile time. Once you hit that number, go even further. Pushing yourself too hard can be detrimental as well. If you overwork your body, it can actually increase the inflammation. Studies show that at least 70 percent of your effort exerted during a workout makes a huge difference.

Long term studies have proven that physical activity also reduces inflammation. Reduced inflammation means a younger body, which is not something to overlook. Exercise, once you put your mind to it, can become part of your daily routine. Set goals, and reward yourself for reaching them. Picking a proper routine can be tough. Contact a Physical Therapist today to set up a consultation to see what kind of exercise plan is right for your lifestyle!


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