Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement near Wantagh

Shoulder impingement, also known as swimmer’s shoulder, is a shoulder condition caused by overuse of the shoulder joints, particularly through overhead motion. This excessive use can cause tendinitis in the rotator cuff, as well as inflammation in the shoulder bursa, and painful friction between moving parts of the shoulder. This results in pain within the shoulder area, and loss of motion in the shoulder area. The patient may also feel pain when sleeping on this shoulder, or putting any form of weight on it. Shoulder impingement is most commonly caused by repeated overhead motion of the shoulder. These types of motions are commonly performed in activities such as swimming, tennis, lifting, or various forms of manual labor. This condition can often be diagnosed by a physical therapist, as the shoulder is a complex part of the human anatomy. It is always better to play it safe with shoulder injuries by seeing a physical therapist, than to let the pain get worse and potentially cause serious damage to the shoulder.

While anti-inflammatory medicine may help manage and curtail the pain of a shoulder impingement, it is difficult to recover from without the use of strengthening and motion recovery exercise. In the recovery and rehabilitation from shoulder impingement, your physical therapist may recommend a series of exercises focused on the shoulder area. These exercises are intended to both improve mobility in the area, and restore strength to shoulder muscles and tendons. By properly exercising the shoulder in recovery, one can ensure their shoulder will come back feeling stronger and better than ever before.

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