Ever take a nasty fall after trying to navigate around a huge pile of snow? Or slip on a piece of invisible black ice on the sidewalk? If you’re like the majority of us, you unfortunately probably have. Resulting in injuries that range from abrasions, lacerations, broken bones, and concussions, falling during the winter months can be extremely painful and a legitimate concern.

Especially tough on the elderly, it’s estimated that roughly 2.8 million people every year are treated for fall-related injuries with 800 thousand requiring hospitalizations.

And here at Advance Physical Therapy in Queens, we want to make sure everyone remains unscathed during these dangerous winter months. So with the frigid weather and hazardous conditions soon upon us. Here are 5 tips to remain upright this winter!


Fall Prevention  Safety Tips

  1. Slow Down!  If you’re walking outside or doing any type of activities outside like shoveling snow, make sure you take your time. Taking short steps as opposed to longer strides is recommended. Going too fast or being in a rush can result in that one incorrect step which may lead you to the doctor.
  2. Plan ahead:  Become best friends with your local weatherman and try to base your plans on the upcoming weather. Have errands for the day but the conditions are unbearable? Put them off until the weather clears. If you have to go out, make sure you take the path that is the safest and the one that offers the least resistance to the extreme weather. Better to go 10 minutes out of your way, than risk possible harm to yourself.
  3. Wear Proper footwear: Make sure the shoes you wear give you best possible traction. Try to avoid shoes that have smooth soles and heels. A winter boot that has thick soles and a lot of treads is your best bet to deal with ice.
  4. Have your cell phone: It’s imperative that you have your cell phone on you at all times. In case of an emergency/injury- having access to your phone allows for faster response times and for medical attention to quickly be on its way. Make sure your battery life is sufficient as well.  
  5. Snow removal: Make sure your driveway, steps, and adjoining walking areas around the house are clear of snow as much as possible. Be sure to administer ice melts as well to make sure ice doesn’t form.


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