Astoria Physical Therapist


Why physical therapy?

Physical therapy comes with a very long list of potential benefits, as well as treatments for many different conditions. In most cases, the objective of physical therapy is to fix the problems you are having, rather than just relieve the pain. However, in cases where physical therapy can not be used to treat the problem alone, it can be used in addition to other treatments to help recovery and reduce pain. Furthermore, physical therapy can help prevent future injuries.


What is involved in the initial visit?

Upon first meeting with one of our physical therapists in either Astoria, Valley Stream, Wantagh, or Lindenhurst, you will have to undergo an evaluation. This will usually last around one hour. During the evaluation, you will be asked various questions about your current physical and medical conditions, as well as past medical history. You may also be examined by the PT, so they can gain more specific details about your current condition. The physical therapist will use this information to better assess what type of treatment is right for you, and develop a program tailored to your individual needs.


What should I wear to physical therapy?

As many patients go to physical therapy to help improve their mobility and motioning, it is important that the clothing they wear to an appointment does so as well. In general, it is recommended that one wear loose-fitting clothing. For evaluation of the joint areas, one should make sure the PT will be able to easily examine that area, without clothing being in the way. If one currently wears some type of brace, it should be brought along as well for evaluation.


What items are important to bring to an appointment?

For the initial visit, patients should bring their insurance policy card, as well as relevant paperwork. This can include medical records regarding various medical procedures. If one uses crutches, wears a brace, or anything of a similar nature, such items should be brought as well.


Do I need a referral?

Not immediately. In the state of New York, patients can see a physical therapist for 10 visits or 30 days before a referral is required to continue services. During that 30 day/ 10 visit period, one is expected to find a proper referral.


Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

You insurance provider will most likely cover physical therapy treatments. Just to be sure, once you contact our office, we will submit for insurance authorization.


What is the patient’s responsibility in PT?

As a physical therapist can give recommendations to the patient to help them improve, they cannot enforce patient action when not in session. At the end of the day, it is up to the patient to follow the advice of the physical therapist in order to achieve the best results. For good results, the patient must be an active participant in their physical therapy program.