The end of summer is closely approaching, and while class may not be back in session just yet, some schools have already began practicing and preparing for the upcoming sports season. As a student athlete or a parent of a student athlete, you may be thinking about how to prepare yourself before the action begins.

First and foremost, paperwork and health forms must be in order, and if you or your son or daughter has not gotten a physical, it is imperative they make an appointment in order to get proper clearance to play. All athletes must make sure they keep their body conditioned, even during the offseason, as it is highly important in the prevention of injury. Make sure to begin slowly with easy exercises and short cardio workouts that should steadily increase in both duration and intensity. At Advance Physical Therapy, we suggest starting your workout routine with a dynamic warm-up (e.g.: leg swings) as it is the best way to activate the muscles you will be using during your workout. We also recommend static stretches, such as a thirty-second quad stretch, to cool down following your workout.

Even though summer is a time of relaxation, athletes must be aware of how well their bodies are conditioned. If you or your son or daughter is committed to a certain sport, they most likely will have a workout regimen set, but for those starting a new sport or coming back from an injury, the body must be in best possible shape in order to meet the new or unfamiliar physical demands of the sport. Advance Physical Therapy is here to answer all of your athletic questions as well as to assist in preparing your body for the upcoming season.

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