It’s about that time of year! Golf season is upon us. After a long stiffening winter are you ready to tee off? The cold weather has made our muscles tight and movement that much more strenuous. A physical therapist may be able to help any signs of discomfort of limits in range you may be experiencing. Fitness is a big part of golf like any other sport. Exercise and proper nutrition make us better at the things we like to do in general. Between physical therapist visits and home exercise plans created by your PT you should be up and swinging like last season in no time!

If you want to hit the ball longer, lower your scores and hit with a more consistent swing; physical therapy would be a great option for you. PT’s know the mechanics of sports, especially the possible injuries that come along with the trade. They can watch your moves and be able to pinpoint where you may be off course. Increased balance, coordination, flexibility, range of motion, power, golf posture and overall golf performance are some benefits you can expect to find after some time training with a physical therapist.

In general if you’re in any kind of muscle or joint pain this will already give you a disadvantage on the greens. It is the physical therapists job to help alleviate any pre existing conditions that may be impacting your daily function but they can also use their knowledge to specialize it to your golf game. Consider speaking to a physical therapist about golf or your favorite sport before the season officially starts and get a leg up on your game.

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