This day in age we’re all checking our phones relentlessly and have them attached to our hips. But besides the emails, texts and social media posts do you have any apps that let you keep track of yourself? Healthcare apps, dieting apps or others that let you get more control of your lifestyle and overall well-being. For exercise there’s unlimited amount of apps from intense cardio workouts, pilates, yoga or just stretching exercises. As far as dieting there are also copious apps to help you keep track of calories, carbs, or even miles walked. Some of these apps can even help you get a hold on preexisting conditions like diabetes and blood pressure conditions.

Everything is going digital and healthcare is no exception. Some large medical groups even have their own apps like FollowMyHealth where doctors can upload all your records and conditions, medications and appointments right to your phone for your convenience. An app that lets you record progress or daily activity is probably best so you can see further progress over time. Also, apps with medication reminders or calorie intake alerts are also especially beneficial so you don’t have to keep track on your own and disturb your day. Apps that let you communicate with other users or connect you to a social media account may also give you that extra little push to stick to the app and make the most of it.

Between your emails and phone calls take a minute to check out your app store or Google play and see what catches your eye. Most of these apps are free or inexpensive so there’s no loss. Pick an app that works for you and your lifestyle that will let you keep better track of what you’re up to. Try hard to stick to recording your activities so you can get the full effect of the app. Any positive change is a good change, happy app surfing!

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