Chronic Pain Treatment in Astoria

Chronic pain is different than regular or acute pain. Chronic pain is recurring as well not easily measurable. The original cause may be from an injury or infection. Arthritis, cancer, headache, or low back strain may be problems that can cause chronic pain. However, in some cases, there are no clear causes. Although chronic pain is not typically permanently cured there are treatments to help. It is said that around 100 million Americans including those living on Long Island and in Astoria, Queens suffer from chronic pain. Here are some options to help ease the level of pain.

Performing different exercises can help strengthen chronic pain regions of the body in order to reduce strain and inflammation. For many of us, understanding the the anatomy and physiology of your body can be difficult. Exercises done incorrectly or the wrong exercises can cause chronic pain to worse.

Visiting a physical therapist should be your first step if you notice chronic pain. A physical therapist will be able to evaluate the condition of your body in order to not only proper diagnose it but to provide and instruct  a combination of manual and physical therapies that are right for you.

Exercises done in session whether it be at on of our Long Island offices or our Astoria location will provide you with not only pain relief in the short-term but in the long-term as you continue to reduce inflammation and strengthen various muscle and joint systems.

In addition to physical therapy, there are some things you can do to help reduce incidences of chronic pain:

  • Yoga continues to give plenty of benefits towards the reduction of chronic pain. It has been found that there is an extra relaxing effect to practicing yoga when compared to other forms of exercise. Certain poses, such as child’s pose, are great for stretching out the back.  
  • Meditating is an important way to de-stress the body. Stress can easily affect your pain level, which can also affect your weight.
  • Weight is something else to watch out for. Added weight can increase lower back pain, tension and migraine headaches. Even the difference of gaining ten pounds can make a contributing factor to your chronic pain.
  • It is important to stay hydrated with water instead of drinking coffee or soda. Not only can this increase your weight but these drinks are poor sources for hydration and can lead to symptoms of headache or back pain.

Putting all these tips together will make a huge impact on decreasing your pain level.

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