Balance Training near Wantagh

Here is an obvious fact: anything that involves motion requires balance! Everything from getting off of your chair to running a marathon involves some degree of balance, even driving a car requires balance and coordination. Usually stretches and body weight exercises are sufficient to improve your own balance, but people who are elderly, are competitive athletes, or have suffered some form of injury require more advanced methods of balance training.

Balance training programs are specialized procedures designed to improve functional balance as opposed to the routine maintenance purposes of the stretching routines. For geriatric patients this is invaluable as the training can greatly reduce the risk of falling, the programs are typically tailored to the needs of the individual so outlining the criteria of any given balance training program is difficult. Most of the programs typically involve a preliminary stretching routine and focused exercises on core balance regions, such as square-stepping or resistance training. No referral to a physical therapist or prescription is required to participate in balance training in New York State, however the specifics of your training are decided entirely on your needs and purposes. A physical therapist will help determine which exercises are right for your bodily condition as well as what will improve your condition most safely and effectively.

On Long Island, there is no shortage of physical therapists and if you are looking to start in a balance training program then it is best to look for a physical therapist local to you.  In Valley Stream, Wantagh, and Lindenhurst Advance Physical Therapy offers balance training programs that are  rated well by previous clients. Advance Physical Therapy is also located in Astoria, Queens. All locations offer rehabilitation services in addition to gait and strength training with an experienced staff. If you live near any of the areas listed above and need balance training check out Advance Physical Therapy.