Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY

Whether you are a weekly golfer or maybe just someone who goes out a couple of times a year, the more in shape you are, the better you will play and the less likely you will be injured. Golf is played from the Spring all the way through the Fall, so unless you stayed in shape during the offseason, you may want to check your fitness level before hitting the links this year. If you are out of shape, your game will suffer as you will not be able to hit the ball properly and your technique may lead to an injury.

Golfers may find it beneficial to their game and overall health to visit physical therapy as it can help with muscle tightness, joint pain, or poor swing mechanics or technique. Injury can occur if you are swinging the club wrong, and can result in pain or stiffness in a number of different body parts, including the neck, hips, shoulder, back, wrist, or elbows. Physical therapy will allow you to achieve proper balance and body movement while avoiding injury, and the benefits of physical therapy can lead to better overall performance.

Golf is a game of consistency, and one of the hardest things about the sport is keeping your swing the same every time. Although each person has different technique and swing mechanics, good golfers will always finish their swing by turning their shoulders fully while keeping their hips as stationary as possible. A physical therapist who specializes in sports will take a look at your golf swing and recommend different exercises and movements in order to maximize consistency and avoid injury.

Physical therapy is highly recommended for golfers who want to maximize their performance. The physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy can give you an individualized treatment or injury prevention program in order to get the most out of your golf game.

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