Advance Physical Therapy is the place to go if you find yourself suffering from lower back pain.  Lower back pain is a very common condition many people face. The amount of pain may vary for each individual but this does not mean you have to endure or tolerate the pain. Whether you are experiencing lower back pain caused by a herniated disk, osteoarthritis, or any other serious issues that have impaired your ability to carry out daily functions, Advance Physical Therapy can help.

Advance Physical Therapy offers a range of therapeutic techniques and each one-on-one session with your physical therapist will include a personalized program to help you heal at your pace. The physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy understand the importance of developing a program designed specifically to the needs of an individual and a personal exercise program will encourage patients to reach their goals successfully and accurately.

It is best not to seek treatments where surgery is the first provided option. Surgery should be the last resort unless you have already tried non-invasive treatments and they still have not helped.  Suggested treatments can be as simple as bed rest, medications, or exercise. If you are prescribed medication, you must understand this will simply take pain a way for a short period of time only to return possibly a week or month after discontinuing the medication. Since medications are a short term fix, considering exercise is the more beneficial course to take. Patients with back problems often work with a physical therapist to focus on relieving pain, improving back movement and flexibility, and promoting healthy posture.

The time required for rehabilitation varies among patients but efficient treatment can greatly speed up the healing process. The goal of the physical therapists at Advance Physical Therapy’s is to ease pain and to restore and improve your mobility, strength, posture, and function. Our highly trained and educated physical therapists will also teach you how to control your symptoms as well as prevent further injuries from occurring.

Did you know that you have Direct Access to Physical Therapy? No referral is needed. We offer the best Physical Therapy on Long Island where you can get help from our trusted and expert Physical Therapists. We have several locations on Long Island including Massapequa, Valley Stream, Wantagh and Lindenhurst. To start your Physical Therapy evaluation, call Advance Physical Therapy and The Physical Therapy Alliance at (516) 568-4444.