As time passes in the new year, more and more New Year’s resolutions are broken every day. A very popular resolution is to be healthier and exercise more. Often this is the resolution that is broken the fastest. Why is it so hard for us to make exercising a part of our daily life? It’s simple. When people have it in their mind that they want to be healthy or lose weight, they are seeking for immediate results and when they don’t get them it can become discouraging. A really important part of making exercise a habit is focusing on that aspect by itself. Don’t worry about the results just yet, take baby steps.

Maybe one of the most crucial mistakes people make is that they aim too high. Someone who has never exercised in their life decides that they are going to all of a sudden go to the gym six days a week. Making a huge goal like that will only hurt you in the long run. If you make tiny, obtainable goals, you will reach them and feel motivated to make a new goal! An important part of making an exercise habit is getting into the habit! You need to repeat the action over and over again so it becomes second nature. Make a plan! Say “I’m going to take a yoga class Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30.” If you stick to your word, it will become a habit in no time!

Above all, do something you like! There are so many different types of exercise activities out there, there is bound to be one that fits your needs and makes you happy! Try a few out and find the one you like best. Performing an exercise you like will increase the chances of you sticking with it by a tenfold!

For 2015, let’s make a habit of keeping our resolutions! Stop wishing there was something you could do and start making exercising a habit today!


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