Neck Injury

Any kind of neck injury is serious.  Not only do they cause discomfort and pain that makes everyday life difficult, they can also lead to serious life-altering damage if left untreated.  Common neck injuries include whiplash, disc injuries, strains or sprains, pinched nerves, and spinal cord damage.When it comes to neck injury, healing from proper treatment is crucial.  Each individual neck injury comes with its own side effects and symptoms, but most can be treated with physical therapy in Buffalo. 


Neck injuries can occur due to traumatic accidents, or even simple, sudden movements of the neck.  While they can sometimes be sudden, there are certain measures you can take to prevent neck injury, like wearing the proper sports equipment or taking safety measures when driving.  These are what doctors site as some of the most common causes of neck injury:

  • Heavy lifting: Weight lifting or work-related heavy lifting can cause displaced or damaged discs.
  • Car accident: Sudden jerking of the neck can cause neck injuries like whiplash or even spinal cord damage.  Be sure to wear a seatbelt when driving, and to take proper safety precautions.  Always wear a helmet when operating motor vehicles like motorcycles.
  • Sports: Athletes who play contact sports like hockey or football are some of the most susceptible to neck injuries or strains, especially when equipment isn’t worn properly.
  • Diving: Always be sure to know the area in which you are swimming or diving, and avoid diving headfirst into water where you may injure your neck.

Treatment for Neck Injury

One of the most successful methods of treatment for a neck injury is going to physical therapy in Buffalo.  At Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo, these are the treatment methods that your physical therapist will use to treat your neck injury:

  • Medication: If applicable, your doctor might recommend over-the-counter pain medications, or in more severe cases, injections.
  • Neck alignment: Your physical therapist will assess your neck alignment and, if necessary, suggest adjustments such as improving your posture.
  • Neck-strengthening exercises: At physical therapy in Buffalo, your physical therapist will show you at-home exercises that will strengthen any damaged tissue or muscle in the neck, which will alleviate pain and help you heal.
  • Deep-tissue massage: This will work through knots in neck tissue that cause pain.
  • K-Laser Therapy: This laser treatment makes use of red and near-infrared light to assist your cells with tissue regeneration, accelerating the healing process.  Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo is one of the facilities that offers this effective treatment.
  • Orthopedic rehab: Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo also offers orthopedic rehab for neck injuries incurred through injury or trauma.  
  • Hot and cold therapy: This treatment involves alternating between applying ice and heat to the affected area.  This is a treatment that you can perform yourself at home, and your physical therapist will show you how to properly and effectively apply ice and heat to reduce inflammation or swelling.

Physical Therapy in Buffalo

If you have injured your neck, or are experiencing any neck pain, seeking physical therapy is the best way to ensure that your injury heals properly and quickly.  At Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo, our expert staff will assess your injury and medical history and tailor a treatment plan specific to you and your needs.  Our goal is to get you healed and back to your everyday life!  Call or make an appointment today for physical therapy in Buffalo!