Have you ever heard the term “overuse injury?”  Whether you have or have not, it is most likely you or a family member has suffered from one. Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream, New York specializes in treating patients with overuse injuries. They are knowledgeable in speaking with patients about properly preventing and treating an overuse injury.

An overuse injury is an injury caused when a person takes on too much physical activity too quickly. When taking on this activity, typically a sport, the action is performed quickly and repetitively which causes micro-trauma to the tendons, joints, and bones. Overuse injuries are usually very difficult to diagnose and treat because they are caused by a repetitive action. Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream creates an individualized course of treatment for all of their patients recovering from overuse injuries. In Valley Stream our physical therapists have found that the major causes are

  • Training Errors
  • Technique Errors

Training errors occur when a person takes on too much physical activity too quickly such as running too fast or for too long. When the body is not accustomed to training this hard the overuse of muscles, tendons, joints, and bones can be damaging.

Technique errors are caused when improper techniques such as swinging a golf club, baseball bat, or tennis racket takes a toll on the body by the repetitive action. Our physical therapists in Valley Stream understand the importance of discovering the cause of the overuse injury and they are skilled in targeting it while preventing recurrence

In Valley Stream, we recommend treating an overuse injury by:

  • Reducing the intensity, duration, or frequency of an injury
  • Cross training with other activities to maintain a fitness level
  • Learning proper training and technique from a coach or athletic trainer
  • Warming up before physical activity
  • Icing aches and pains after activity

These tips are very helpful when avoiding an overuse injury and alleviating the pain that it may bring to the patient. It is also important to remember that even though overuse injuries are common they can be prevented. If you would like to learn more about how to treat or prevent an overuse injury stop by Advance Physical Therapy in Valley Stream!