An individual’s pain can be simple or complex depending on the severity of the injury. This is why no pain management treatments are the same and will vary based on the patient’s condition. Pain management is important because an individuals pain can have a profound effect on their day to day life. The goal of treating someone through pain management is to eliminate pain as quickly and easily as possible. This way the patient can go back to enjoying normal activities that may have been affected by their pain. If you are looking for pain management treatment through our physical therapy, contact Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett today.

Types Of Pain

Pain symptoms are often split into the categories of acute and chronic pain. It’s important to know where your pain falls on this scale so you can communicate with us.

  • Acute Pain: This type of pain is often sudden with a short duration. Usually caused by damage to tissue including bone, muscle, or organs.
  • Chronic Pain: This pain typically lasts longer than acute pain and is often more resistant to different types of treatment. It’s typically experienced due to long-term illness, tissue damage, nerve damage, or certain conditions.

No matter what type of pain you’re in, there are always treatment options to help. Some options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Heat and Cold therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • K-Laser Therapy
  • The McKenzie Method

If you have any questions regarding the various treatment options we offer for your acute or chronic pain, contact Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett today.

Physical Therapy near Hewlett 

An individual’s pain can make doing normal daily activities almost impossible. At Advance Physical Therapy near Hewlett, we will work towards reducing your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. Our goal is to help them strengthen the affected area and concur the pain they are suffering from. Don’t let the pain control your life any longer. If you believe you could benefit from physical therapy for pain management, contact us today!