Physical Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

In the human anatomy, one of the most complex features is the joint. As the joints are essential in all types of movement, it is critical that we keep them healthy and working properly. One of the most major joints, the shoulder, is no exception to this. As the shoulder is a very complex part of the body, there are a variety of conditions that can cause the shoulder to function improperly. These can range from mildly uncomfortable, to unbearably painful. For the vast majority of shoulder conditions, the incorporation of physical therapy can fix the problem, or at least help with recovery from more serious procedures.

As shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of factors, the types of treatment required will vary depending on the individual’s condition. For very serious muscle tears, the patient may require surgery to fully restore the shoulder. But for post surgical recovery, physical therapy can be very beneficial to restoring the shoulder’s functionality. For less serious conditions, such as tendonitis of shoulder tissue, physical therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain, as well as restore range of motion in the shoulder joint. While a physical therapist may recommend the use of painkillers, it is important to use them in moderation. For frozen shoulder, a condition in which the patient loses most movement in the shoulder, a physical therapist can help unlock the shoulder. If shoulder pain persists long after the physical therapist predicts, more serious procedures may be required to heal the shoulder.

Depending on the individual shoulder condition, relevant treatments can vary greatly. To receive proper treatments, one should consult a physical therapist. Advance Physical Therapy can help you manage your shoulder conditions, as well as all physical therapy needs. Please visit our website to get in contact with us or learn more about the services we offer.