Unfortunately, the medical complications that can occur for an individual tend to become more frequent throughout the aging process.These complications while coming later with age can also develop as a result of genetics. Specifically, arthritis is a disease that fits these criteria and it affects both young and elderly individuals. Arthritis is a painful chronic condition that causes inflammation in the joints of your body. The therapists at Advance Physical Therapy in Queens can help patients with the pain caused by arthritis by coming up with specialized treatment options that help ease the symptoms of their disease.

Arthritis is a disease that makes ordinary movements such as squeezing or clenching the hands more painful. If the disorder is left untreated, then it will likely worsen over time. The therapists at Advance Physical therapy in Queens can help create personalized exercises that will help improve the patient’s range of motions that have become arthritic. For patients with arthritis in their hands, the therapists will work on helping them bend their fingers and potentially moving them into different positions. These exercises will help the patients maintain their flexibility, range of motion, and strength.  

For patients that have arthritis in their knees, the therapists will continue working with the range of motion exercises but will also focus on keeping the patient safe from potential falls. They may also teach the patient about body awareness, also known as proprioception. By teaching the patients about body awareness, the risks of falling is lessened and the patient also learns how to maintain proper posture. This process should help the patient keep stress off their arthritic joints. Physical therapists may also instruct patients on the proper ways to use walkers, crutches, and splints if they deem their usage necessary.

If traditional methods don’t seem to be working another option offered at Advance Physical Therapy in Queens, is K-Laser therapy. K-Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light such as red and near-infrared to stimulate a patient’s body. This acts as a catalyst for a self-healing process, which helps to reduce pain. It may also increase circulation and decrease any swelling or inflammation.

If you are suffering from arthritis feel free to call Advance Physical Therapy in Queens to schedule your appointment.