Visiting Your Physical Therapist Can Keep Your Healthcare Costs Down

Did you know more people are having an annual check-up with their physical therapist on top of a trip to their regular physician? Why is this a growing phenomenon in healthcare? Due to the changing role of physical therapists, they can now provide preventative care through personalized programs for individuals, rather than just the injured or disabled.

An annual visit to a physical therapist means having a detailed evaluation of your physical strength, mobility, cardiopulmonary health, flexibility, and overall level of fitness to measure where your health status falls within your age group. Based on your results, your physical therapist can identify potential health issues that normally wouldn’t appear until a serious problem arose, such as with cardiovascular health issues. A personalized plan can be designed to meet your specific health needs and prevent small problems from turning into issues that require serious medical treatment. Additionally, a physical therapist will be there to guide you through the plan, motivate you, and make adjustments when necessary.

So how will a regular visit to your physical therapist significantly reduce your healthcare costs? A physical therapist is able monitor your health status on a variety of scales while helping you improve your weak areas with a holistic approach. This addresses health issues before they have time to get worse and saves you the expense and pain of major surgery or expensive prescription drugs.

When you consider physical therapy from the angle of preventative care rather than a necessary step after an injury, it makes a great case as a worthwhile investment in your healthy future.


What Is Direct Access and How Can It Benefit You?

Many of us have experienced the frustration of needing a referral to see our desired physical therapist. Not only does this obstacle add additional cost to our pursuit of health through copays and fees, it places hurdles in front of reaching our healthy goals. Thankfully, direct access removes these roadblocks, and allows you to see a physical therapist without seeing your physician, dentist, podiatrist or nurse practitioner first.

In order to have direct access to a physical therapist, they must follow strict regulations. There are two main aspects of this regulation: the physical therapist must be practicing for at least three years, and that written notice be provided to the patient that the treatment “may not be covered by the patient’s health care plan or insurer without a referral and that such treatment may be a covered expense if rendered pursuant to a referral”.


So, if you find yourself wanting to have an annual check-up at your physical therapist as a form of preventative medicine – as many Americans are – take advantage of this new legislature of direct access. However, be sure to talk to your insurance and physical therapist beforehand to be aware of any costs that may not be included in your medical coverage.


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