Are physical and everyday tasks a struggle for you? In a person’s everyday life, no matter how old or young you may be, you should not make yourself feel helpless. Chronic pain that is not treated is very common but luckily, there are some ways of coping with your unwanted physical struggles.

To begin, some may not know the difference from their acute pain or chronic pain. Chronic pain is different than acute pain because of how long it may last. Acute pain lasts less than 3 months, whereas chronic pain can last for years or decades! Whatever the cause, chronic pain can interfere with your daily activities, let alone the aspects of your life that include the following:

  • Struggling at work
  • Unable to interact with friends and family
  • Observing emotions such as irritability or depression
  • Feeling of restless
  • Avoiding physical activity
  • Dependency on painkillers or alcohol
  • Viewing doctors bills as a burden

One of the first steps you should take into treating your pain is a diagnosis. The doctor will ask you questions similar to:

  1. When did your pain start?
  2. Where is the location of your pain?
  3. How bad is the pain?
  4. What makes the pain worse or better?
  5. How does pain affect your daily activities?

After talking to your local doctor, they will lead you into the direction of physical therapy, which is your best bet when involving physical activity. Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have illnesses, injuries, or medical conditions that may limit their regular ability to move and function. Physical therapy alone can help with:

  • Strengthening your muscles
  • Endurance
  • Stability in joints/ balance
  • Flexibility in muscles and joints
  • Reduce or eliminate pain

If you are struggling with chronic pain and sick and tired of not even enjoying those daily activities you used to love, contact Advance Physical therapy today, located in Astoria. We have a wide range of services to provide for you! At Advanced physical therapy in Astoria, we will set you up with an experienced professional who will locate your chronic pain and help reduce and eliminate the stress!