If you are reading this because you have fractured your femur.  We here at Advance Physical Therapy with locations on Long Island and in Astoria, we urge you to remember the seriousness of the situation. Being that the femur is the hardest bone in the human body, there are very few explanations for its fracturing. Two of the most common however are trauma, such as that which follows an automotive accident, and a pre-existing bone condition, such as Paget’s disease, a condition that compromises the body’s ability to replace old bone tissue. No matter what the circumstances of your femur fracture, rest assured that our staff of highly qualified physical therapists are prepared to assist in your pain management and healing process so that your recovery process concludes with you feeling stronger than ever.

There are several steps in the process of recovering from a femur fracture. The first step in the process will be to collaborate with our physical therapists on how to best manage your pain level. Would your body respond best to manual therapy, the use of particular exercise machines, or non-mechanical exercises, such as balance training? We recommend that you consult your physician if you feel that you require pain medication in conjunction with your exercise plan.

Here at Advance Physical Therapy, our priority is to restore your independence as quickly as possible. With that in mind, Our therapists will waste no time in getting you back on your feet. They will teach you how to walk with the assistance of either a walker or crutches while improving your stability with a regiment of hip, leg, and back exercises.

Over the years, we have taken a great deal of pride in helping members of our Long Island community and our Astoria community get back to tackling the busy schedules of their daily lives following their femur fractures. By contacting us today, you will be providing yourself with peace of mind in knowing that your injury is one less thing to worry about! Why wait another second?