How Can Physical Therapy Tonawanda, NY Help You?

Sports are known to be a great way for individuals to interact with one another and increase their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. However, there are known to be cases where team players can face injuries and be unable to participate. Some of these injuries can include rotator cuff injuries. Fortunately, for anyone who has experienced this type of injury, Advance Physical Therapy in Tonawanda NY specializes in fixing rotator cuff Injuries. 

Types of Individuals Who are at Risk of a Rotator Cuff Injury

  • Baseball Players: Major League pitchers are subjected to rotator cuff injuries. At some point in their careers, over 50% of baseball players will experience some type of shoulder injury.
  • Tennis Players: These individuals face shoulder bursitis. Bursitis is an inflammation of the Bursa which is a fluid-filled sac. Overuse of rotator cuff muscles can cause the bursa to face inflammation. This can lead to pain whenever the arm is raised.
  • Non-Athletes: Anyone can be at risk of rotator cuff injuries, not just athletes. If certain individuals are engaging in repetitive motion tasks then they are subject to developing rotator cuff tendonitis. In addition, it can cause pain and inflammation which will prevent people from doing basic tasks.

What does the Rotator Cuff consist of?

The rotator cuff is made up of four small muscles found on the scapula and on top of the humerus. The job of these muscles which comprise the rotator cuff is to stabilize the “ball in socket” shoulder joint. When muscles are fatigued, they can become impinged between the bones in the shoulder and back become inflamed. This inflammation can occur within the surrounding tendons as well. At Advance Physical Therapy in Tonawanda, we are well equipped to handle any pain associated with a rotator cuff injury.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

  • Deep Aching Pain- individuals are known to face deep aching pain in the shoulder as well as lack of mobility. 
  • Difficulty to sleep- People find it difficult to sleep on their affected shoulder and their pain can only increase. 
  • A clicking sound when raising the arm 
  • Pain when raising or lowering the arm 
  • Stiffness in or around the injured area

Physical Therapy Tonawanda, NY

If you are someone that has unfortunately been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis and needs further assistance to better handle your diagnosis, look no further than Advance Physical Therapy in Tonawanda, NY. Here you will receive one on one, individualized care and will “leap out” our doors feeling better than when you came in. Advance PT always focuses on the needs of the individual and will work tirelessly to ensure your recovery process as seamless as possible. Our services include sports rehab, shoulder pain treatment, and others. Contact Advance Physical Therapy in Tonawanda today to learn more!