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What Are Stress Fractures?

Technically speaking, a stress fracture is a hairline crack that occurs in the bone as a result of overuse. Stress fractures are severe injuries that can be hard to treat. They can form in any bone, including the femur, tibia, fibula, and metatarsals. 

Stress fractures are most common in the lower leg and foot because these areas of the body often lack fat and muscle and cannot absorb impact.

Who is at Risk?

Stress fractures are typically caused by activities that cause muscles to pull away from bones. Stress fractures are most common in runners, ballet dancers, and soldiers, who are likely to put their bones under immense pressure. 

How Do Stress Fractures Happen?physical therapy on Astoria Blvd

Athletes are at risk for stress fractures because they are often training and conditioning, which can put stress on your bones. Stress fractures can also form when athletes suddenly increase their training regimen. 

One example is if a person consistently runs five miles every day and then decides to run ten miles one day, the sudden change can cause too much strain on the bones and lead to stress fractures.

Another cause could be running too much without allowing time for adequate rest may stretch out the muscles around the femur, causing them to pull too much on the bone and increasing the risk of stress fractures.

For this reason, it is important for people who are trying to heal from a stress fracture to avoid high-impact activities. However, physical therapy on Astoria Blvd may allow an athlete with a stress fracture in his or her femur to return to normal activity sooner than they could without any treatment.

Treating Stress Fractures

Although stress fractures typically heal on their own, they can take six weeks or more to mend. In some cases, physical therapy may be used to help an athlete return to his or her previous level of performance.

Physical therapy can help with treating stress fractures because it focuses on protecting the bone while it heals. It also helps improve flexibility and balance, which can help relieve pressure on the injured area of the body.

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