Have you recently been in a fender bender and are now experiencing issues with your neck? Have you started to deal with headaches that were not present before the time of the car accident? If you answered yes to either of these, it could point to the development of whiplash. At Advance Physical Therapy, our team is well versed in diagnosing and treating this injury. Through the use of physical therapy in Amherst, NY, your symptoms can be relieved, and your life can get back to being pain-free.  

What Is Whiplash? 

Whiplash is an injury that is caused by the rapid back and forth motion of your head. Due to their nature, car accidents are often the perfect culprit that leads to whiplash. This forceful movement can cause the muscles and ligaments in your neck to stretch outside their normal range of motion, leading to pain and discomfort. Additional symptoms of whiplash that tend to develop within 24 hours of sustaining the injury usually include:

  • Headaches that begin at the base of your skull.
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Pain that increases when you try to move your neck.
  • A tingling sensation present in your arms.  
  • Fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

Physical Therapy In Amherst, NY, For Whiplash

At Advance Physical Therapy, our team knows how devastating dealing with symptoms of whiplash can be for patients. That is why we are committed to providing some of the best available physical therapy in Amherst, NY, to all patients in need. Whiplash is just one of the many injuries this form of therapy can be used to help treat.  

During a session designed to help with whiplash, our physical therapist will guide you through various stretches and strengthening exercises specifically targeted to repair the damage to your neck. They may also use electronic stimulation or massage therapy to loosen up the tight areas in your neck so that you can find the pain relief you need. The number and frequency of sessions needed will directly depend on the severity of your injury, but you can trust our team to come up with the plan that will work best for you.

Advance Physical Therapy in Amherst, NY

Suffering from whiplash after being in a car accident can quickly put a damper on your quality of life. The good news, however, is that with physical therapy in Amherst, NY, most patients make a full recovery within a few weeks. To make sure you’re one of these patients, contact our staff as soon as the symptoms of whiplash become present. The entirety of our team at Advance Physical Therapy will work to administer treatment right away, eliminating the chances of long term complications taking place.