Have you developed discomfort in your wrist, but aren’t sure how it happened? For this situation, you could have acquired a minor injury such as a sprain; or possibly a more serious complication. Either way, Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY can assist with your wrist-related ailment. Several factors could have played a role in catalyzing the soreness that has manifested in your wrist, but with the help of physical therapy, the strength in your wrist can be enhanced dramatically. For further information, please continue reading this article on wrist pain.  


There can be many different causes of why your wrist has become tender, sore, or generally uncomfortable. If you don’t receive the proper care for your wrist, it could potentially lead to long-term complications. Some of the many factors that cause problems in your wrist can include the following:

  • Injuries –
    • Sudden Impacts – These mostly occur when you land flat on your outstretched hand as a result of slipping and falling. Fractures, sprains, and other complications can occur as a result.
    • Repetitive Stress – Continuously engaging in repeated motions will inevitably lead to wear and tear in the wrest, creating future complications such as arthritis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Another degenerative condition that relates directly to wear and tear. Can often be found in geriatric patients and those who work consistently with a keyboard.

Should you feel as though your wrist pain is chronic, and doesn’t seem to be healing; Advance Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY can assist you. Don’t make a choice to wait; this can only lead to worsening complications. Instead, contact one of our physical therapists today and get yourself on the right track.


Getting physical therapy in Wantagh, NY could help solve your wrist-related issues and get you back to comfortable living. Several methods could ultimately solve your wrist pain, though it will take constant monitoring and potentially multiple visits. Examples of some of these methods can include the following:

  • Strengthening exercises, which likely develop endurance in the wrists and increase injury prevention.
  • Vestibular training and balance control, helping you avoid a slip and fall which may cause wrist injury.
  • Physical therapists can also suggest appropriate equipment to wear when at work or playing sports, which can also increase injury prevention.

Physical Therapy in Wantagh, NY

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as sharpness or swelling in your wrists, contact Advance Physical Therapy and schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Wantagh, NY. Our staff can provide quality treatment plans that will relieve the pain caused by your wrist-related ailment. For further information on scheduling an appointment, please contact our office today!

Physical Therapy for Wrist Pain
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Physical Therapy for Wrist Pain
For further information on scheduling an appointment, please contact our office today!
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