How You Can Stay Active During the Holidays

How You Can Stay Active During the Holidays

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The holiday season brings eggnog, hot chocolate, and many shared meals together. But with snow on the ground, it may be hard to keep up with your normal exercise routine. When considering physical therapy in Astoria, NY, Advance Physical Therapy is a great option to help you feel great during this season. We have a few creative solutions to help you stay active this year.  

5 Ways to Stay Active This Season

    1. Plan in Advance

      Consider either traveling to a state with optimal weather for trails and hikes or purchasing a temporary membership to a gym. This will help ensure that you are outside this season and obtain appropriate levels of Vitamin D. In addition, make sure to wear proper attire if you plan to run outside. This can include layers and wearing a hat to keep your head warm. Always check the temperature/weather in advance, including chances of rain or snow, and make sure to stay hydrated if you are continuing your run outside.

    2. Participate in a Holiday-Themed Run!

      Make sure to look at your city calendar for holiday-themed runs, “Turkey Trots,” and “Santa 5Ks.” Consider winter-themed sports such as ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Also, volunteering to help a neighbor move, shovel snow, or decorate outside can be a phenomenal way to cut calories and stay active.

    3. Make Your Everyday Chores More Active

      Whether it is parking further away from the shopping center so you can have a long walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, keep these tips in mind so you can make your everyday routine more effective. Other tips can include carrying your bags one at a time, walking around the mall before going straight to the store, and active TV viewing such as doing squats during commercial breaks.  

    4. Home Workouts  

      If it is too difficult or costly to travel to the gym this season, try home workout sessions with YouTube. The free service offers many links to home workout routines that can get your heartbeat racing and give you a full experience. Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY can also recommend at-home workout routines that you can utilize to increase your overall health & wellness.

    5.  Participate in Indoor Sports Activities!

      These sports include basketball, bowling, and indoor volleyball. Check your local township for leagues that you can participate in.  Taking part in sports activity will not only help you stay physically active but also mentally sharp as well. Make sure to be prepared for each sport, buying the proper equipment beforehand and stretching prior to running.  

Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY offers services to make sure you feel and look your best this season. We can help you recover from an injury or recent surgery and get you feeling back like your old self. If you are looking for physical therapy in Astoria, NY, make sure to give us a call today and find out more about the many ways we can assist you!

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