“Fast, effective treatment-one patient at a time” is our motto at Advance Physical Therapy. We are growing at a fast pace and have just opened our fourth location in Astoria, NY, located on 28-18 31st St. on the 2nd Floor. We are excited to have branched off and extended into the city as Advance Physical Therapy’s new location offers the same services as our practices on Long Island that help individuals get one-on-one rehabilitation care through systematic programs in order to reach their target health and fitness goals.  

Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY will structure a rehabilitation program to help the patient regain mobility and live a healthier, happier lifestyle whether they are recovering from an injury, surgery, or suffering from a disease. We provide a wide range of services at Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY and have no limitations in our efforts to help target and assist goals for adults and children of all ages. Our practice offers specialty programs for those suffering from disease or trauma as well as wellness programs in which those who suffer from chronic pain will be provided a structured plan to help alleviate pain and gain better mobility with day-to-day tasks.

Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria, NY keeps the best interest of the patient in mind and are geared to help boost individual mobility, lessen pain, and get the body functioning properly again. We structure programs that best fit the individual as some may be “fully independent” and will receive a structured exercise and wellness plan weekly or bi-weekly with exercises and strengthening skills that best fits them. There is also a “hands on” program in which the individual will work one-on-one with a physical therapist in our new top-of-the-line facility in Astoria, NY.

Our new branch in Astoria, NY provides the same service and care that has been serving the Long Island community for over 20 years. The practice is continuing to grow externally as well as internally to cater to their patients and make sure they receive the highest health care available to help individuals maintain healthier and happier lives.

Did you know that you have Direct Access to Physical Therapy? No referral is needed. We offer the best Physical Therapy on Long Island where you can get help from our trusted and expert Physical Therapists. We have several locations on Long Island including Massapequa, Valley Stream, Wantagh and Lindenhurst. To start your Physical Therapy evaluation, call Advance Physical Therapy and The Physical Therapy Alliance at (516) 568-4444.