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Why Are Slips And Falls So Common?

Slips and falls seem to plague everyone from the young to old but why do we hear so much more about them in the cold winter months? The simple explanation; ice. You may think that’s it but in reality, many factors can contribute to these accidents. Improper footwear, vision problems, and impaired balance are just a few problems that can lead to slips and falls. Balance problems especially are a huge issue, but they can be helped with the assistance of physical therapy. What makes vestibular disorders unique to fall-related accidents is that impaired balance can be a problematic occurrence year round, even without iced up pavements and sidewalks. If you’re looking for assistance with vestibular conditions, be sure to reach out to Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria NY today! Our team can educate you on potential hazards and other information regarding slips and falls.

Dangers Of Slips And Falls

Some patients may disregard the severity of slips and falls, as they’re unafraid of suffering a meager bump or bruise. But in reality, there is both superficial and detrimental damage that can be caused by these accidents, especially in the winter months. Our team at Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria NY can help with some of the aftermaths created by the accidents and also the prevention of slips and falls. Complications that may occur from these instances can include the following:

    • Broken Bones – It may seem obvious but broken bones are one of the most common side effects of slips and falls. Suffering a fracture at an older age can also lead to weakened bones and chronic pain. Most geriatric patients are more susceptible to bone fractures due to the increased brittleness that comes with aging.
    • Head Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries or TBI can also be stimulated from slipping and falling. Slamming your head on the ground as a result of tripping can be both a painful and shocking experience. TBI can range from a simple concussion to a more severe injury that can cause permanent brain damage like mood disorders and cognitive function issues.   
  • Spinal Injuries – Slips and falls can lead to intense spinal issues ranging from slipped discs to vertebral fractures. Spinal injuries like these can impact mobility and could potentially cause forms of paralysis. At an older age, the effects of these injuries are often worse.

Preventing Slips and Falls

At Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria NY, our staff can help you recover from any injuries you’ve endured. That being said, we can also help you prevent them from occurring entirely. Balance training and coordination therapy are important steps you can take to avoid painful injuries. Remember to educate yourself about what balance training is and how it can help. Other methods of prevention can include the following:

  • Proper Footwear – Sole slickness and heel height play an important role in picking out what shoes may be better for winter months. Always make sure shoelaces are tied and tightened up so that trips can be avoided. Going barefoot indoors can also be dangerous as you won’t have any traction at all. Wear tightly laced, non-skid, rubber treaded shoes to help maintain a grip on the sleet and snow.
  • Stay Warm – It may seem like a simple step to take but getting cold in the winter can cause your muscles and joints to tighten up. Having tight limbs makes falls more likely and raises the risk of a more damaging fall as well. Make sure to layer up and stay inside when you can to avoid this issue.
  • Keep Vision Sharp – Those with vision problems, especially the elderly, have a harder time seeing ice and black ice during the winter. Make sure that you have glasses handy and a glass cleaner in case they get snow or sleet on them. It’s also imperative that you refrain from blocking your vision when putting on scarves and hats.
  • Clean Up – Make sure you keep your doorway clean and clear of snow and ice. When your company for the holidays enters your home, they may often track in snow and sleet, making your doorway a hazardous place to walk. Keeping this area clean and snow free will make it safer for everyone entering your home.


According to the CDC 1 in 4 adults aged 65 or older suffers a fall every year. Treating injuries from slips and falls with the assistance of preventive physical therapy can all be done with the help of our team. Balance training can help keep joints and muscles flexible making falls less likely and reducing the damage they may cause. Balance training can also help increase muscle tone, improve reaction times, and strengthen bones which helps reduce breaks. Balance therapy is a great option for anyone looking to stay on the ball this winter and avoid more serious problems. Contact our staff to learn more about how we can help or make an appointment at Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria NY today!  

Protecting Yourself from Slips and Falls
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Protecting Yourself from Slips and Falls
Contact our staff to learn more about how we can help or make an appointment at Advance Physical Therapy in Astoria NY today!  
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