The shoulder is a large, complex, and often overused joint, especially in athletes.  Though shoulder pain can occur from everyday use, throwing athletes are highly susceptible to a variety of shoulder injuries— some that can be detrimental to an athletic career.  In most cases, it is crucial to seek help, and the professionals at Advance Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY are expertly trained and skilled in treating these injuries. 

Causes and Kinds of Shoulder Injuries

An increasingly common cause of shoulder injuries is overhead throwing, which is why athletes who participate in sports like baseball, softball, and tennis are significantly more prone to shoulder injuries than others.  Repetitive and vigorous overhead throwing can cause tears in cartilage or muscles like the rotator cuff. Though they can be hard to identify on your own, there are several shoulder injuries that can be assessed by our physical therapists in Buffalo, NY including:

  • cartiliage tear
  • rotator cuff tear
  • bursitis
  • frozen shoulder
  • impingement
  • dislocation
Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY

Injuries in Athletes

Knowledge of the specific types of injuries that athletes are susceptible to is important to both prevent and treat them.  A large part of our program for physical therapy in Buffalo, NY includes sports rehabilitation, as we understand the high-risk nature of sports injuries.  Our experts will assess your flexibility and range of motion so that they can diagnose your pain and create a treatment plan specific to your body.  Education regarding the nature of sports injuries is also important, and our team instructs athletes on preventative measures such as:

  • Knowledge of sport-specific injuries
  • Proper exercises
  • Proper stretching before and after exercises
  • Recovery strategies

The Importance of Seeking Physical Therapy in Buffalo, NY

Shoulder pain is an inconvenient discomfort in everyday life, but for athletes, shoulder injuries can put one at an even higher disadvantage.  Shoulder injuries that are severe or are left untreated may even require surgery, and therefore prolonged healing time. These injuries sometimes feel similar to each other, and a professional opinion is often needed to ensure proper healing.  Without proper care, shoulder injuries may heal incorrectly and cause further damage. At Advance Physical Therapy, our professionals are equipped to diagnose and treat shoulder injuries in athletes to ensure a speedy recovery and a prolonged athletic career.

Our physical therapists will assess your shoulder pain and mobility and design a treatment specific to your needs.  With the use of special equipment and physical exercises, most shoulder injuries may be healed in one to two months or less. Don’t ignore your shoulder pain, make an appointment today!