Have you hurt your knee or had surgery? Your knee is an important and delicate part of your leg. When you injure your knee, you find that your every day becomes very complicated. We hear at Advance PT can say with certainty that physical therapy is often the most effective way to get your strength back and put you on the road to recovery. Visit Advance physical therapy near Leroy, NY, if you have suffered a knee injury and need recovery.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries result from a sudden movement or direct hit that stresses the knee beyond its normal range of motion. Knee pain as a result of injury is associated with ligament and cartilage tears. Injury to the knee usually occurs during sport, accident, or fall.

PT Treatment

After a thorough examination has been completed, our physical therapist can work with you to initiate the proper treatment. Staying engaged in the program is critical. Often, exercises that target improved mobility and strength of the knee will be suggested. Performing exercises at home on your own may be required. 

Exercise should be your main tool for treating your knee pain. Exercises to help your knee pain may include:

  • Balance exercises
  • Hip strengthening exercises (Your hip muscles help control your knees’ position. Weakness here may cause knee pain.)
  • Lower extremity stretches
  • Short arc quads

Physical Therapy near Leroy, NY

The knee is a major joint in the body responsible for climbing stairs, walking, and rising from a seat. Knee pain can severely limit these activities and make life very difficult. By working with a therapist at Advance physical therapy near Leroy, NY, and keeping the knee joint strong and flexible, knee pain problems may be avoided after injury. Getting the correct therapy after an injury is the difference between discomfort and quality of life. Contact Advance Physical Therapy today!