images (2)Breast Cancer is such a detrimental disease that affects hundreds of thousands of women each year.  There has been no direct cure for the disease as of yet but there are certainly some methods that have been known to ease the post treatment, and prevent future problems, one of which includes physical therapy.

The treatment that breast cancer patients need to undergo is very hard on the body.  Treatment includes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, all which can cause painful and uncomfortable side effects for the patient.  Some of the side effect that physical therapy is able to help include: pain and stiffness in the chest and back, and swelling.  Not only is physical therapy a simple and natural way to improve your life but you can also use some of the techniques at the comfort of your home.   These basic techniques are able to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your chest, back, shoulders and arms, all which are key in preventing stiffness and reducing pain. Physical therapy also includes exercise, which is beneficial in improving your overall health and quality of life when undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Exercise can help reduce nausea, pain and stress, and maintain a good weight, not only good for recovering from breast cancer but simply for a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is physical therapy vital in the recovery after the surgeries and chemo, but it is also a key element in the prevention of lymphedema.  Lymphedema is a post-surgery risk that causes swelling in one’s arm as a result of blockage of lymph passage and the inability of the body to drain the fluid.  Physical therapy can play a role in the prevention of this with the use of manual drainage or massage and proper exercise. By using these tips, you will be able to improve your life after breast cancer  and strive for a healthier life!


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